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Steel City Yacht Club

Immerse yourself in the ultimate yacht rock experience as you slip on your deck shoes and set sail with Pittsburgh's leading band, Steel City Yacht Club. This nine-piece ensemble is comprised of seasoned musicians who have honed their craft over decades, playing in some of the most renowned cover bands in the Western PA music scene. Get ready to be transported by their exceptional renditions of iconic tunes by legendary artists such as Toto, Christopher Cross, and Steely Dan. From timeless classics like "Brandy" and "Still the One" to the infectious melodies of "Thunder Island," Steel City Yacht Club is at the forefront of the Yacht Rock revival, offering an unforgettable musical journey that will leave you yearning for the open seas.

Rock out with the Steel City Yatch Club ›

Jelly Bean Entertainment

Your one-stop-shop for all your event planning needs. From venue rentals to equipment rentals, we offer full-service event planning from start to finish. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life, providing personalized solutions for every occasion.


They have everything you need to create an unforgettable event. Trust Jelly Bean Entertainment to handle all your event planning needs, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the party.

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Beacon Children's Learning Center

When searching for childcare options for their own children, the founder, a single parent, discovered a lack of facilities that met their expectations. This experience led to the decision to open their own childcare center. In 2008, they acquired Beacon Daycare and Learning Center.

Drawing on their faith, personal experience as a single parent to three boys, and their background as a teacher, the founder developed their childcare philosophies. The primary goal of the center is to provide an environment in which children can thrive, preparing them not only for kindergarten but also for the journey of life.

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Toni Unleashed the Podcast

The Toni Unleashed Podcast, is your go-to source for a light-hearted and insightful exploration of the pet food industry. Join hosts Toni Shelaske and Emily Taylor as they delve into the truth behind this ever-evolving industry, backed by a captivating blend of anecdotal experiences and scientific evidence. The podcast adopts a transparent approach, aiming to demystify the often overwhelming world of pet food. So, join us as we untangle the complexities, spark engaging discussions, and shed light on the fascinating realm of pet nutrition.

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